Sunday, September 25, 2016

How ABMS treathens and blackmails students

ABMS has obviously no inhibitions when it comes to ethical behavior. In this post I'll show you three ways how this is conducted:

1. Threatening former student with taking legal action if he does not remove his critical video on Youtube.

2. Closing student's account at ABMS and not open it until she apologize for having liked a Facebook page critical to ABMS and other Diploma mill institutions.

3. Blackmailing student to pay more in order to get thesis approval.

Identities of students and victims have been hidden.

NB ! I'll post nr 2 and 3 when I have learned how to transform pdf's into picture since the blog does not allow the publication of pdf's.

ABMS - a transparent institution?

Normally, an institution who has nothing to hide do not fear critical comments or questions about their activity. This is not the case with ABMS. Two minutes after I posted the recent article about ABMS from the Swiss consumer watch newspaper "Beobachter". 

Consequence: I was thrown out from their page and is now unable to write or comment anything on their Facebook page. 
Here is the documentation:
Picture 1: I post the Beobachter article (time 16.37)
Picture 2: Message (in Norwegian) from Facebook that I am not allowed to post anything on their Facebook page
Picture 3: Article removed and I am banned from writing on their page (time 16.46).

Do YOU really believe that this institution has nothing to hide ?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

ABMS - Diploma mill

A diploma mill (also known as a degree mill) is a company or organization that claims to be a higher education institution but which offers illegitimate academic degrees and diplomas for a fee.

The quality of the education at ABMS

I am a university teacher myself and I have to admit the quality of the education that ABMS delivers - it leaves me speechless.

1. Most of the teachers speak very bad English and just read from slides.
2. The text they use to teach is just copy-paste from wikipedia or some other internet document.

This is plagiarism which is very serious in the academic world:

In the following is a video to show the English level in one of the classes.

Here is a print screen of an online class. Take any of the lines from the text and you'll find it on Wikipedia or another internet source. For those interested: I have several other examples.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The people behind ABMS

ABMS was establised by Habid el Souleiman. Habib titles himself Dr. which is to say he should have a Ph.D (see

He claim to have got his Ph.D. from ISBM business school. if you look at the slide I attached, you see that IBMS business school is a school invented by Habid himself. So in short, his Ph.D. is one he gave himself from a business school which apparently NEVER existed.

If you look at the following slide you see that the domain ISBM is actually ABMS.

One of the teachers at ABMS claim to work at Stanford University. It is not true. Stanford does not recognize this man:

Is this university fake?

The fact that an institution is registered in a country as Switzerland who is internationally known as a high quality educational country, does not mean that ALL universities are legal or operating according to accredited standards.

There is a "hole" in the Swiss law, which is about to be changed, but will not start to function until 2022.

We invite you to read this blogpost in order to learn more about it : and also the read the article by the Swiss consumer watch newspaper Beobachter:, use google translate if you cannot read German.

Make sure that the education you take is valid and just a part of the diploma mill (!

Why is this blog created?

ABMS - the open university of Switzerland claim to be a top university and to "operate on international and European educational standards and is focused on graduate studies in Business management". They fool innocent people that buy into the reputation that Swiss education has!

They claim that "The teaching faculty at ABMS comes from a variety of top business schools and Universities throughout the world " ( It does not hold water, as you will see from our posts.

The fact that they are REGISTERED does NOT mean they are RECOGNIZED as a UNIVERSITY and not accredited according to the Swiss law! 

On this blog we will show you the real situation and the facts about ABMS and the people behind.

Please also check out the Facebook group we created to warn students: